Body Space Adult Coloring Book

Coming Soon

1. Here’s the Gist:

Body Space is a creative and post-meditative adult coloring book which integrates meditation, coloring, and journaling by using an innovative, holistic, and undemanding technique. Unlike other coloring books, it doesn’t assume that coloring = relaxation and instead guides users on how to utilize empirically proven relaxation tools. The process exists in 3 steps, described in the pictures below.


2. Designs Currently Under Construction…

Here are some examples of coloring pages currently in the pile.

3. Under the Guidance of UWM Lubar Entrepreneurship Center:

With the help of the Lubar Entrepreneurship Center, I first created a product-market fit. Then, I created a Canvas Business Model. Finally, I conducted over 100 customer discovery interviews. To find my people, I created a story about who my customer segment might be, and then targeted those populations to collect accurate data about their past consumer habits and make pivots to my Canvas Business Model. View the gallery below to see how this has come to light.


4. How and When to Purchase

While Body Space is currently awaiting the publishing process, you can join the Body Space mailing list to receive a notification when it is available to purchase here.




Kyah Probst

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