Gratitude’s Renaissance

Community Art Project Protfolio

Gratitude’s Renaissance #1 (example)

This photo was taken with a disposable camera at Indian Key Historic State Park in Islamoralda, FL. My best friends and I were living on a small sail boat off the coast of the Florida Keys, and had put the camera in a ziploc bag and snorkeled to the state park island. Right before jumping in, we noticed that there were a couple sharks darting around in the water, so we decided to swim quickly. Well…the camera ended up getting a bit water logged. I still took some pictures. I’m grateful for this moment because we knew the film would get messed up, but were enjoying each other’s company too much in a beautiful place to really care about the camera. It was insignificant. Once I got the film developed, I found that the water in the film had created a totally unique filter and pattern across all of our photos, and that makes them some of my favorite photos ever taken. They are unique, just like our trip.

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