Body Space Adult Coloring Book

“This was the perfect gift for a creative daughter who thinks too much.”

– Jeanine, NJ

1. Body Space: The Mind and Body Adult Coloring Book is OUT NOW on Amazon.

Click below to purchase the book, or visit the Body Space Website to access the trailer video, about section, author biography, contact info, and other free meditation resources.

2. Here’s the Gist:

Body Space’s first intention is to incentivize meditation by making it “play” rather than “work.
If you’re like me, you’ve maybe heard people say, “you need to relax,” or “you should try meditating more.” For me, this way of framing it made me avoid prioritizing the activity altogether. In fact, the urgency of “need to, have to, should do” language made practicing meditation feel like a chore.

By integrating creativity, art, journaling, and meditating into a repeatable activity, Body Space aims to balance structure, routine, practice, and analysis and also relaxation, art-making, and stillness.

3. Watch the Trailer

4. Designs Currently Under Construction…

Here are some examples of coloring page designs:

5. Under the Guidance of UWM Lubar Entrepreneurship Center:

With the help of the Lubar Entrepreneurship Center, I first created a product-market fit. Then, I created a Canvas Business Model. Finally, I conducted over 100 customer discovery interviews. To find my people, I created a story about who my customer segment might be, and then targeted those populations to collect accurate data about their past consumer habits and make pivots to my Canvas Business Model. View the gallery below to see how this has come to light.


Kyah Probst