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Probst World Tour #1: Finland

Areas of stay: Jalasärvi, Helsinki, Nurmes.

Itinerary: Several nights in Helsinki, 3 weeks with a host family in Jalasärvi, one week at a multi-cultural camp in Nurmes with 1,200 kids from around the world.


Suominlina Island
Atop a ski jump – 4-h Nordic Camp, Nurmes
The norwegians and fins giving me “armor”
Koli National Park, finland
Host sister, Jasmina, riding aida at their dairy farm
SolarSound Music Festival
Downtown Helsinki
The best blueberries in the world

After working all day on my host family’s farm

Probst World Tour #2: Sea Base – national high-adventure base, Islamorada Island, Florida Keys

Area of Stay: The Atlantic Ocean (more specifically, aboard the Caribbean Amphibian sailboat as a crew member

Itinerary: Receive assigned boat, assigned boat captain, and live aboard the boat in the ocean, learn how to sail.


Other Cities I’ve been to:

Tennessee, again
Garden of the Gods
Taum Sauk, Missouri

Probst world tour #3: Rome, Florence

Itinerary: fly out to Italy for three months to be an au pair.

Area of Stay: outskirts of Rome.

The colosseum up close.
The tourists beside the colosseum
People watching





Location: Yellowstone National Park

Length of Stay: 2 months

Itinerary: In return for housekeeping services at the park concessioner in Mammoth Hot Springs, I was compensated an hourly wage, food, housing, employee activities, and 2 days of off-time inside the park.

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