2017 Project: A Homeschool Exploration

2017 Project: A Homeschool Exploration

Starting next Friday and ending the 5th of May, I will be initiating a very special project. This project stems directly from my educational experiences, as well as the educational experiences of half a dozen others.

To elaborate, let me begin by explaining the inspiration and objectives of this project.

Inspiration: As a freshman in high school, I left the public school system in the spring semester to become homeschooled. While being homeschooled has been very beneficial to me, it has also allowed me to join the ranks of between 800-1,000+ homeschoolers in the St. Louis area. Despite there being so many of these students, I have met very few public-schooled individuals—specifically over the past three years—who also possess even general knowledge/experience of the homeschool community. I quite often get questions like, “Do you have friends?” and things like, “How do you go to college?”

These questions are very telling of the general public’s experience with homeschoolers—and perhaps some stereotypes they may hold as well.

Objectives: Over the next few months I will be using interviews in the form of descriptive essays to give insight to what the lives of different homeschoolers are like. Things such as homeschool co-ops, dual-credit classes at community colleges, and the alternative methods to “parent teachers” will all be explored and presented in a fun, interesting way.

By the end of the project, those who have read the series should have a better understanding of the sheer diversity of homeschooling students, practices, and methods. In addition to that, the project may convey some of the reasoning and benefits behind homeschooling in a way that challenges major stereotypes you see in the media.

My first essay will be posted next Friday. February 24, 2017.

Stay tuned!




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