A Homeschool Exploration: Interview IV

A Homeschool Exploration: Interview IV

In recent essays, an organization known as HomeLink has been mentioned several times by local homeschoolers across St. Louis. To elaborate upon what has already been said, Home link is a homeschool co-op in St. Louis that offers classes ranging from yearbook, to physics, to art and music classes. The co-op includes certified teachers, a lunch room, and four years of both homecoming and prom—all of which are paid for by students and parents. However, this organization is not the only one of it’s kind residing in St. Louis. Today, Britney—a high-school junior from an organization known known as ARCHE—speaks out about her experiences as a homeschooler in St. Louis—especially ones differing from those who attend home link.

Although ARCHE is similar to HomeLink, it is a Christian organization that has a more intense focus on God. She said, “I’ve always been homeschooled – ever since preschool. It was basically because my mom wanted me to do Bible in school, because they don’t really teach the word of God in public schools.” Britney explains the way that homeschooling fit into some of her hobbies and classes that she is taking at arch. In reference to classes, she said, “I haven’t been there for as long as most people have been there, but I joined 2014. I took a couple musical theater classes, and speech & debate. I really enjoy the debate class,” she laughed, jokingly. “I like to argue.”

Like home link, ARCHE helps with the social aspect of homeschooling. Britney differs from some of the other homeschoolers in past interviews, in that, in addition to ARCHE she also gathers social experiences from several communities like church, dance, and kids around the neighborhood. She said, “‘How do you socialize?’ Is one of the top questions for homeschoolers. I don’t think was hard for me to make friends as a homeschooler, ever since I was four I’ve been in dance, so I have plenty of friends there—and I have church, so plenty of friends there.”

Throughout the past few interviews, a reigning characteristic is becoming increasingly clear. Despite all of the different organizations, ways of doing school, aspects of socializing, and benefits received from homeschooling, the only thing that has been said by each local homeschooler consistently is that they can go at there own pace and they can learn what they like. Britney said, “I like that I can kind of go at my own pace with things. I’ve never been to a public school, so I’m not really sure how that all works, but it seems like they go really fast.” Britney later added a statement that seems comical, but may be one of the most underrated components of homeschooling. She said, “I feel that the reactions are sometimes really positive, especially when you tell people your own age. They’ll say, ‘Oh, that’s good for you.’ You know, and, ‘I wish I could wake up at 9 o’clock for school every morning.'”

The next interview will be posted on April 21st, 2017.

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